Enduro Cup

The Enduro Cup is coming to Park City, UT on July 19th. What is the Enduro Cup you ask well it’s all about speed, power, endurance and bike handling skills. Enduro is the ultimate all-mountain challenge; a growing genre of off road racing that pits cardio and strength against nerve and skill. This European Style of racing is new to North America, using a rally-style format involving timed Competition Stages (descents) linked by Transfer Stages (climbs) that are not factored into the overall time. While the transfer stages are not timed, there is a set time limit for each one.

Enduro combines the excitement of Downhill, the fitness of Cross Country and camaraderie like you’ve never experienced at an event before. The fastest growing mountain bike race discipline in the North America, 90% of the nation’s Super D events switched to Enduro format for 2012. Enduro offers the recreational cyclist a challenging yet fun racing experience while offering serious racers the ultimate test of fitness and technical skill. No longer do you need a purpose built XC or DH race bike, the best tool for the job is the bike most mountain bikers already own, a 5-6 inch travel trail bike…and that is why we choose to race Enduro!

For more information and to get a pass to participate go to http://endurocupmtb.com/

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